Backlight Module FPC Flexible Board

​Product features: FPC flexible circuit board bending and folding winding can move in a three-dimensional space and scale 2. the cooling performance is good, can use F - PC reduced volume 3. Realize the lightweight miniaturized thin, so as to achieve element device and wire connection integration shenzhen jing guan surplus electronic co., LTD., professional design and production of FPC, FPCB, flexible circuit boards, flexible printed circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, flexible printed circuit board, hard and soft combination plate, flexible circuit boards and other products

  • 品牌:Jing Guan Ying
  • 型号:FPC-MZ-004


  1. Cutting: cutting the raw materials and auxiliary materials of the flexible circuit board FPC in a roll shape according to the Work size of each model

  2. Drill: in order to conduct the layers of FPC products with double-sided and multi-layer structure, Through Hole is processed

  3. Copper Gold Plating: In order to realize the conduction of the non-conductor area on the inner wall of the Through Hole, the flexible circuit board FPC is plated with gold by using Chemical to realize the conduction.

  4. DF LAMI: in order to form a circuit, a flexible circuit board FPC is attached with a photosensitive film that can be hardened under UV light.

  5.  Exposure: to irradiate the FPC flexible circuit board with photosensitive Film with UV light of Mask film or directly irradiate Laser of LDI to form a Pattern Image

  6. DES: removing the UV photosensitive film on the FPC flexible circuit board substrate after exposure and Etching the developed part of copper Cu with Etching liquid to form an FPC circuit

  7.  AOI: Use automatic and optical equipment to check the Pattern of the inner and outer layers of the formed circuit for unqualified Nick, short/open, etc.

  8. Tack welding: temporary bonding of Coverlay and Adhesive of reinforcement table by heat.

  9. HOT PRESS: After the products subjected to tack welding are laminated with normalized auxiliary materials, the products and Coverlay are pressurized with high temperature and high pressure.

  10. Post-processing: processing with Auto Punch M/C to generate Guide Hole

  11. Gold plating on the surface: in order to adhere the components to Connetor and Land, a surface treatment process (Gold, Tin) is carried out on the FPC of the flexible circuit board

  12. Printing: The process of printing FPC flexible circuit board with ink in order to indicate product typesetting or marking.

  13. STIFF: According to the characteristics of flexible circuit board FPCB, the product itself is soft. According to different requirements, reinforcing sheets, Tape, etc. are attached to the connection part or the attached part.

  14. BBT: Use BBT Fixture to detect whether there is any abnormality in the electrical function of FPC flexible circuit board (short/open circuit, open circuit, etc.)

  15. PRESS: Use mold to process the appearance of auxiliary materials and products

  16. SMT: Process of Assembling Component to Complete FPCB

  17. Final factory inspection: use microscope and magnifying glass to conduct FPC appearance inspection on the finished product, and confirm whether the product specifications and operation standards are consistent according to the standards of the customer company.

  18. Packaging Factory Inspection: Confirm the quantity of completed FPC flexible circuit board products, reconstruct them in Lot units and package them in Box units, so as to ensure the provision of independently packaged products to customer companies.


All enterprises are paying attention to technology and quality. For Jingguanying, Quality and technology are not the "objects" to be promoted. They are the embodiment of Jingguanying's "future value vision". Jingguanying's FPC production promises customers the quality of its products. The quality of Jingguanying technology has not only been recognized in the domestic market, but also has received attention in the global market. Jingguanying technology is becoming the leader of FPCB industry. In the future, Jingguanying will also develop into a leading global enterprise in FPCB industry market based on excellent human resources, top production facilities and leading quality competitiveness.

Single Side FPC

Single Side FPC is the most basic form of Flexible PCB, which is a Type of circuit formed by conductive copper foil or aluminum on a single-sided substrate Film. It is usually used as Cable connecting equipment and equipment and Sub Board connecting Main Board.   


Base MaterialsPolyimide or Polyester
Cover-layPolyimide, Solder Mask
Thickness50㎛ ~ 125㎛
Line Width/SpaceNormal Min. 0.040 / 0.040mm
Conductor1/4oz, 1/3oz, 1/2oz
Finish PlatingENIG, Direct Gold,Soft Gold, Hard Gold, OSP, Immersion Tin
StiffenerPI, Epoxy

Double Side FPC

Copper foil is used to form the circuit on both sides of Base Film, and Via Hole is used to form the most common FPC flexible circuit board on both sides of the circuit. For almost all electronic products, Fine Pattern technology, Hot Press technology, surface treatment and other technologies are required. The main uses include Mobile's Main Board's expanded Sub Board and LCD Module.


Min. Line/Space(out)Normal : 50㎛ / 50㎛ , Special 40㎛ / 40㎛
Min. Hole SizeMechanical : 0.15Ø, Special : 0.10Ø
StiffenerPolyimide, Epoxy, SUS
Finish PlatingENEPIG, Complex Suface Treatment,
High ductility ENEPIG, Soft Gold
Hard Gold, Immersion TIN
StiffenerPI, Epoxy

Multi layer FPC

Multilayer FPC refers to FPC products with more than 3 layers of flexible circuit boards. With the trend of high function and high density of electronic technology, Fine Pattern and Laser Via Hole etc. are becoming thinner and shorter. The application level of Main Board for general mobile products and Touch Screen Board has gradually improved.


LayerOver 3 Layer
Min. Line/Space (out)Normal : 60㎛㎛/ 60㎛, Special 50㎛㎛/ 50㎛
Min. Hole SizeMechanical : 0.15Ø, Special : 0.10Ø
Laser : 0.12Ø, Special 0.08Ø
StiffenerPolyimide, Epoxy, SUS
Surface FinishENEPIG, Complex Suface Treatment, High
ductility ENEPIG, Soft Gold
Hard Gold

RFPCB 软硬结合板

Rigid flexible PCB that gives all the advantages of Hard PCB and Flexible PCB. In order to realize the thinness and smallness of Connector connection between Board, the PCB is integrated. At present, it is usually used for Camera Module and also for integrated Main Board. Laserwia holeprocess is widely used.


LayerNormaly 4 Layer
FlatnessUnder 8M : 30㎛, Over 8M : 20㎛㎛
Min. Hole SizeMechanical : 0.15Ø, Special : 0.10Ø
Laser : 0.12Ø, Special 0.08Ø
ImpedanceDifferential : 100 ± 10%
Single : 50Ω ± 20%
PSRColor : Blue, Black, Green
Gloss : Matt, Glossy
StiffenerPolyimide, Epoxy, SUS
Surface FinishENEPIG, Complex Suface Treatment,
High ductility ENEPIG, Soft Gold, Hard Gold

产品特点:FPC柔性线路板 1.可自由弯曲、折叠、卷绕,可在三维空间随意移动及伸缩。 2.散热性能好,可利用F-PC缩小体积。 3.实现轻量化、小型化、薄型化,从而达到元件装置和导线连接一体化。 深圳市精莞盈电子有限公司专业设计生产各种FPC,FPCB,柔性线路板,可挠性印刷线路板,软性线路板,柔性印刷线路板,软硬结合板,柔性电路板等产品。

产品分类: 背光源模组FPC柔性线路板

型   号:FPC-MZ-004

层   数:2层
板   厚:0.16mm
材   料:1/2OZ有胶电解
铜   厚:1OZ
其   他:贴PI补强 






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