How to check and confirm the open circuit position of defective FPC products?

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The greatest strengths of a flexible circuit board is its flexibility. It can be bent and takes up little space. However, during repeated bending or reciprocating movement or impact, copper traces (copper trace) may break. If this kind of break is not detected by the microscope, Shenzhen Jingwanying Electronics Co., Ltd. will take the elimination method to confirm the open position of the defective FPC product.

1. First observe the problem circuit with a microscope, and find the location of the suspected break as a mark.

2. If the microscope can't find any suspicious fracture, you can divide the circuit into several small sections.

3. At both ends of the circuit where it may break, or the position of the segment, carefully cut the outer cover film of the soft board with a blade, it is best to take a new utility knife or carving knife, and Place the blade on the outer cover film and move it left and right to scrape the cover film and expose it to the copper foil circuit underneath. In this way, you can take a multimeter to measure the circuit. Then, in order to gradually eliminate the location where the fracture may occur, you can finally find the exact location of the copper foil circuit.

4. If you are worried that this method may break the copper foil circuit, you can also try to cut the location where there is no copper foil next to the copper foil circuit, and then try to tear and peel off the cover film to achieve the same purpose .

5. Once you find the exact location of the broken copper foil circuit, if you still can't observe the broken phenomenon, try to bend the flexible board at that position under the microscope, so that you can highlight and enlarge the opening of the broken copper foil.

Shenzhen Jing Guan Ying Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of FPC ,flexible circuit boards. During the process of checking and confirming the open and open positions of defective FPC products, the biggest trick is to take a responsible attitude to customer quality. Do not let go of any trace of abnormalities and defects. 100% customer satisfaction is our mission and long-term goal. Regarding how to check and confirm the open circuit of the FPC flexible circuit board, friends from the industry are welcome to consult, discuss, and learn together. Jingwanying Electronics is one of the FPC flexible circuit board factories with outstanding strength in Guangdong.






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