What are the advantages of flexible circuit boards?

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In recent years, flexible circuit boards (FPC) have become one of the fastest growing sub-industries in the printed circuit board industry. IDTechEx predicts that by 2020, the market size of flexible circuit boards (FPC) will grow to US $ 26.2 billion. Li Xiaohua, chairman of Shangda Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (836298), said in an interview with the Information Times reporter that Shangda Electronics will deepen cooperation with Huaxing Optoelectronics this year to prepare for the outbreak of flexible circuit boards (FPC) ready.


"In electronic consumer products, FPC is everywhere." According to Li Xiaohua, FPC is a highly reliable and excellent flexible printed circuit board. Due to its high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and well-bendable characteristics, FPC is mainly used in some small, portable, wearable devices, such as mobile phones, PCs, drones and even car terminals.

 Mei Dejun, general manager of Shangda Electronics R & D, told reporters that about 12 to 15 flexible circuit boards will be installed inside a mobile phone. "Mei Dejun said.


This shows that the market demand for FPC is large. Statistics show that the global FPC output value is expected to reach US $ 13.5 billion in 2016. In the face of the continued expansion of the profit margins of FPC, domestic circuit board manufacturers such as Shangda, Jingwang and Hongxin have arranged in advance to expand production capacity. Among them, Shangda Electronics planned to build Shangda Electronic Optoelectronics New Material Industrial Park in Huangshi, Hubei in 2014.


 Li Xiaohua told reporters that the total investment of the industrial park is 2.5 billion yuan and the park covers an area of 300 mu. After the second production line of Huangshi Base is officially put into production, the output of Shangda Flexible Circuit Board will increase from the existing 100,000 square meters to 150,000 square meters every month, which is enough to provide module raw materials for 10 million mobile phones.


As a private enterprise engaged in R & D, design, production and sales of FPC products, since its establishment in Shenzhen in 2004, Shangda Electronics has gradually grown into the "invisible champion" of domestic flexible circuit board companies. Last year, Shangda Electronics has achieved revenue of 800 million yuan, including BOE, Tianma, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Google, LeTV, Toshiba, etc. are direct or indirect customers of Shangda Electronics. At the same time, Shangda Electronics is also one of the largest suppliers of BOE Group, the second largest producer in the global panel industry.


Li Xiaohua is looking forward to Shangda Electronics ’base in Huangshi. He said that with this“ geographic ”advantage, the company will deepen cooperation with China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd (CSOT),, focusing on the research and development of small and medium-sized OLEDs, so as to do the FPC explosion Well prepared.

"Although Shangda Electronics' production equipment still needs to be supplied by Japanese, European and American manufacturers, it is very important that most of the global production capacity of electronic products comes from China, especially from the Pearl River Delta region. Achieve large-scale production. "Li Xiaohua said that since 2010, domestic companies have no technical barriers in the production process of FPC." About 15 FPCs required for mobile phone production, Shangda can solve 5 Independent R & D and production ".






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