Equipments for production and testing of flexible circuit board manufacturers

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Equipments for production and testing of flexible circuit board manufacturers

Flexible circuit board production testing requires a lot of equipment, such as drilling machines, laser engraving machines, placement machines, cutting machines, circuit testing equipment, exposure machines, secondary element detectors, metallurgical microscopes and so on. Next, Jing Guan Ying Electronics will introduce to friends the most commonly used production inspection equipment in production inspection and the use of these flexible circuit board inspection equipment.

1. Introduction of common production equipment for flexible circuit boards

Manufacturers in the production of flexible circuit boards, commonly used equipment: flexible circuit board laser cutting machine, flexible circuit board exposure machine, automatic dispensing machine, flexible circuit board automatic auxiliary machine, automatic punching machine and so on.

Fine yingying manufacturers flexible circuit board production equipment-laser cutting special machine, the machine is used for laser precision cutting of FPC, PCB, soft and hard board, FR4, cover film, ITO, silicon wafer, ceramics and other products. Can process any graphics, cut different thicknesses and different materials, can be layered and completed simultaneously.


Flexible circuit board production equipment

Flexible circuit board production equipment-drilling machine: suitable for drilling and forming of FPC flexible circuit boards and aluminum substrates. The system control precision of Jingwanying FPC drilling machine is high; the deformation of the whole machine is small; the drilling accuracy can be guaranteed within ±0.005mm; the machine conversion or recovery rate is 100%

Fully automatic dispensing machine for flexible circuit board production equipment: it can spit glue evenly on the product, which greatly saves the spitting time and dramatically improves the production efficiency; it can replace the specific dispensing operation of labor, realize mechanized production, save up and down Feed time, increase output; simple and convenient operation, high speed and accuracy; dispensing program files can be uploaded/downloaded via U disk, which is convenient for data management and storage; Chinese/English operation interface.

Flexible circuit board exposure machine: It is one of the most important production equipment in the production of flexible circuit boards. It exposes the circuit, solder mask, text ink graphics in the FPC flexible circuit board manufacturing process. Features: Fully automatic single and double Surface exposure mode, more convenient and time-saving operation; greater exposure power, better ink exposure effect; full PLC control system, more intelligent and more reliable; equipped with automatic vacuum adsorption device, exposure machine with film alignment light source, convenient The film is operated on the hole; the pallet is supported by imported slide rails with higher precision. Process flow: film alignment-vacuum adsorption-exposure-stop exposure-release vacuum-take out the exposed object.

Flexible circuit board automatic auxiliary material machine: It can be used to automatically mount auxiliary materials in the production of flexible circuit boards, such as  steel sheet, PI, double-sided adhesive, high temperature adhesive, etc., and the output can reach 1800 times/hour.



2. Introduction of common testing equipment for flexible circuit boards

Generally, in order to ensure that the flexible circuit boards manufactured by the manufacturers are delivered to the customers in good condition, Jingwanying also has many flexible circuit board inspection equipment, which is used to prevent the diameter of the drilling hole from being too large or small, and the wrong size of the material. Improper imposition deviations and film errors lead to poor circuits, inaccurate alignment of protective films, and lead to scrapping of cover pads. The main inspection and analysis instruments used in Jingwanying Factory are: two-dimensional measuring instrument, peel strength testing machine, opening and closing testing machine, chemical composition analysis test tube group, etc.

The two-dimensional measuring instrument, also called image measuring instrument or video measuring instrument, is suitable for all application fields for the purpose of two-coordinate measurement: machinery, electronics, instrumentation, hardware, plastic, molds, screws, metal fittings, rubber, PCB Plates, springs, hardware, stamping, mapping, etc. We often use to test the size of products and molds, or to measure the geometric tolerances of the measured elements, including position, concentricity, straightness, contour, roundness, etc. and the dimensions related to the reference, as well as any geometry Dimensions, such as diameter, radius, length, angle, width, height, depth, etc., and are used for 2D planar inspection of smaller products (such as shrapnel) and smaller products or 2D projection inspection of other workpieces. It is a high-resolution CCD color camera, continuous zoom lens, color display, video crosshair generator, precision optical ruler, multi-function data processor, 2D data measurement software and high-precision workbench structure. Precision optical image measuring instrument. During the FPC measurement process, first fix the FPC on a high-precision workbench, then adjust the position below the camera, adjust the camera focal length to make the display image clear, and then use 2D data measurement software to make relevant measurement records.



Flexible circuit board testing equipment

The peel strength test machine performs GB/T 7122 (Determination of peel strength of high-strength adhesives by float roller method), GB/T 2792 (180° peel strength test method for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes), and GB 8808 (soft composite plastic material peel test Method), GB/T 2791, GB/T 2790 (Adhesive 180° peel strength test method flexible material to rigid material), GB 13022 (plastic film tensile property test method) and other related standards, the peel strength tester is a Professional electronic peel test for peeling and pulling off of adhesives, adhesive tapes, stickers, medical patches, protective films, release papers, composite films, artificial leather, woven bags, films, paper and other related products In the flexible circuit board inspection, it is mainly used for the peeling test of the protective film and the copper foil of the substrate, the peeling test of the copper foil and the polyimide insulating layer, and the peeling test of the reinforcing sheet and the FPC board.

Open short circuit testing machine is mainly used for circuit board circuit detection, circuit path, open circuit, open circuit status, etc. Including flying probe testing machine and test frame testing machine. According to the sample and batch, cost accounting, and delivery cycle length, different test methods are selected. This type of machine is mainly used to test the open and short circuit electrical performance of FPC. Test frame test machine, each FPC needs to make a matching test frame Repeated use, suitable for mass production of FPC, not only reduces the overall cost, but also greatly shortens the delivery cycle.

Chemical composition analysis test tube group, mainly used for sinking. Composition analysis of copper plating potion. In FPC production, it is mainly used to analyze the composition and specific gravity of the potion, so as to guide the configuration ratio of different potions and ensure the quality of copper plating.



Flexible circuit board production testing equipment

The above are flexible circuit board production and testing equipment. In addition to these equipments, there are many other equipments in Jing Guan Ying's production lines and laboratories. Everyone is welcome to visit and understand the situation of our company at any time. Jingwanying is not only perfect in flexible circuit board production and testing equipment, but also a leader in flexible circuit board manufacturers in terms of staffing and management. If there is anything you want to communicate about these production testing equipment, please contact our office staff.






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