How to correct deformed FPC soft plate negatives

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How to correct deformed FPC soft plate negatives

Recently, a friend in the industry asked how we should correct the deformed fpc soft board negative film to ensure the quality of the flexible circuit board. Normally, the correction of deformed negatives needs to go through the process of detection, comparison, analysis and re-texturing. The following is a brief introduction of Jing Guan Ying on how to modify the deformed negative film of the fpc flexible circuit board. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Change the hole position method.

Under the condition of mastering the operation technology of the digital programmer, first install the negative film and compare it with the drilling test board, measure the two deformations of its length and width, and lengthen or shorten the hole position on the digital programmer according to the size of the deformation. The drilling test board after lengthening or shortening the hole position should be adapted to the deformed negative film, eliminating the cumbersome work of cutting the negative film and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the graphics.

2.Hanging method.

Aiming at the physical phenomenon that the negative film changes with the change of environmental temperature and humidity, take out the negative film in the sealed bag before copying the negative film, and hang it for 4-8 hours under working environment conditions to deform the negative film before copying, which will cause The deformation of the negative film after copying is very small, and this method is called "hanging method".


3. Splicing method.

For graphics with simple lines, large line widths and large spacing, and irregular deformation, you can use the cutting method to cut the deformed part of the negative film and re-splice the holes of the control drilling test plate, and then copy it. This is the splicing method.

4. Pad overlap method.

Pad overlap method is to enlarge the hole on the test board into a circuit board with de-deformed pad to ensure the minimum ring width technical requirements.

5. Texture method.

After enlarging the graphics on the deformed film in proportion, re-sticking and making a plate


6. Photographic method.

Using a camera to enlarge or reduce the deformed graphics, this method is called "photographic method".

Through the above changes to the vacancy method, hanging method, pad overlap method, mapping method and photography method, you can complete 99% of the FPC flexible circuit board deformed film correction.






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