How to determine the production process of FPC flexible circuit board

2020-06-24 Jing Guan Ying FPC 2

How to determine the production process of FPC flexible circuit board

Before determining the production process of flexible circuit boards, Jing Guan Ying will carefully study and analyze FPC flexible circuit boards in order to select the most suitable production process to manufacture FPC, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and increase customer satisfaction. . Jing Guan Ying's research and analysis on FPC includes whether the FPC needs reinforcement, electroplating test, immersion gold process, drilling belt design and other aspects.

1. Need to stick the reinforced FPC soft board, the finger at the sticking place must move inward by 0.3-0.5mm, and then do excessive lead, the lead width is 0.1-0.2mm smaller than the finger.

2. Do electroplating test. When testing, it is necessary to pay attention to the indispensable pull and dora, and there must be no repeated electroplating (such as gold plating process if all can be turned on, and immersion gold process if it cannot be fully turned on. Immersion gold process has been done Hole diagram).

3. Copy the shape to another layer, change the line width to 0.13mm, cut it, and then add it to the line without the finger.

4. First arrange the appearance of the board, and then fill in the process copper skin, the copper skin is 0.5 ~ 0.8mm away from the appearance.


5. Draw envelopes, adhesive tape and reinforced marking lines on the line. The line width is 0.1mm.

6. Arrange the circuit, encapsulation and drilling belt, and then copy the craft copper to the circuit;

8. When making drill bands, the process holes and alignment holes of the FPC soft board and the encapsulated drill bands should be the same size as the holes on the circuit.

9. The 2.0mm craft hole in the drill belt should be placed on the first knife.

10. When making FPC soft board drill tape, six sets of electroplated holes should be added, and the size of the hole diameter is subject to the minimum in the soft board. (The minimum aperture of the flexible board is 0.2mm)

11. If there is a slot in the encapsulated drill belt, a knife should be set separately and put it at the end. (The minimum slot size is 0.65mm)

12. When the reinforcement and adhesive tape need to be drilled, it should be more than 0.2mm larger than the single side of the FPC soft board encapsulation, and add a shear hole. (The size of the shear hole is 0.5~0.8mm)


13. FPC soft board drill band data should be enlarged by five ten thousandths (that is, 1.0005), if the PI reinforced hole is to be drilled, the PI reinforced drilled hole data should be reduced by eight ten thousandths (that is, 0.9992).

Before the production of FPC flexible board, our factory usually analyzes the above links. Of course, for senior FPC engineers, the knowledge of how to determine the FPC production process is the most basic level. For more information exchange of flexible circuit boards, please contact the staff of Jing Guan Ying. Our contact number is Manager Liu 138 0962 9365.






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