Shenzhen Circuit has built a global flexible printed circuit board center

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Shenzhen Circuit has built a global flexible printed circuit board center


According to the list of my country's printed circuit career rankings, Shenzhen PCB manufacturer has at least 60 companies, 5 copper clad board companies and hundreds of circuit board peripheral companies. According to the data in the report, the Shenzhen circuit board factory has gradually formed a global flexible printed circuit board center. For Shenzhen, which is creating high-tech development trends, this is a great success in the layout of circuit board factories.


At the same time, many Shenzhen circuit board manufacturers are also actively arranging and actively seeking breakthroughs. It will not take long for the entire flexible printed circuit board industry to have a new look.


At present, many circuit board factories in Shenzhen have expanded their business abroad, such as Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and Malaysia. Among them, the export volume and proportion of flexible printed circuit boards also showed a huge growth trend. We can speculate that Shenzhen's circuit board factory will soon become an unparalleled R&D, design and manufacturing center in the global flexible circuit board industry.



For example, Shenzhen Mingyang Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. intends to disclose and issue on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The IPO proposal raised funds of 758 million yuan.

Guangdong Junya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. passed the initial request. The IPO plan raised 501 million yuan and will invest in Longnan Junya Fine Circuit Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 2.4 million square meters of high-precision multilayer printed circuit board project (1 period).


Shenzhen Jing Guan Ying Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in the design, development, and production of flexible circuit boards.Jing Guan Ying 's printed circuit board center can manufacture 4-layer flexible circuit boards, double-sided boards, single-board boards, and multi-layer boards. Our factory can provide design Consultation, Shenzhen circuit board proofing, flexible printed circuit board production, etc.


There are also many cases of Shenzhen circuit board factories that show that the development of Shenzhen flexible printed circuit boards is breaking through. The entire Shenzhen circuit board industry is getting better and better, the benefits are increasing, the production of circuit board factories is automated, and the flexible circuit board industry chain has undergone qualitative changes. Shenzhen is bound to gain a global manufacturing center for flexible printed circuit boards.






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