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Environmental promotion specialist

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Job requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, major in environment or law

At least 5 years experience in environment promotion of electronic or mechanical products, working experience in fortune 500 company is preferred

Be familiar with RoHS, WEEE and other environmental regulations and standards such as environmental labeling and energy efficiency labeling

Fluent communication and writing skills in both Japanese and English

Good interpersonal skills and teamwork learning ability

Job description:

Follow up and keep abreast of environmental regulatory developments and requirements, and respond to them

Communicate with headquarters, regional headquarters and all departments of the company on the Asian laws and regulations, and receive and convey information, and coordinate the development of relevant businesses

Company internal and external environment related laws and regulations education activities

Actively carry out environmental protection promotion activities inside and outside the company

Assist the supervisor to complete the promotion work within the department

Market development officer

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Job description:

1. Responsible for the market development of Canon's whole series of products in cities of grade 3-5;

2. Collect and analyze market information and plan local market strategies;

3. Coordinated various product departments within the company to support the overall market sales in level-3-5 cities.


1. College degree or above, over 30 years old, more than 5 years working experience in marketing or sales in large companies;

2. Strong copywriting and planning ability, high market acumen, familiar with IT/OA/ digital industry;

3. Have the ability to plan and coordinate products and markets, and be able to travel on business;

4. Fluent in Japanese and English is a plus;

5. Coordination and communication skills.

Digital Division

2013-10-26 若干

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in logistics management;

2. More than 3 years working experience in logistics management and supply chain management in a manufacturing company;

3. Excellent communication and writing skills in Japanese or English;

4. Proficient in various Office software and good at data analysis;

5. Proactive and good at communication and coordination. Strong ability to work under pressure.

Job responsibilities:

1. IT system improvement work support;

2. Collected and analyzed logistics data;

3. Analyzed the supply chain operation according to relevant logistics data, and provided corresponding support for the company's decision-making;

4. Provided corresponding support to the company's supply chain logistics management activities.



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