TIMAX Drilling Machine

2020-05-29 Jing Guan Ying FPC 56

The four-head high-speed drilling machine is suitable for drilling and forming of FPC flexible circuit boards and aluminum substrates. The four-head high-speed drilling machine uses linear guide rails for the X / Y / Z three axes. The sliders are preloaded with no gaps. The screws of each axis are precision double-nut ball screws. The drive system uses a high-speed servo control system and runs fast And steady.



1. High system control accuracy;

2. Small deformation of the whole machine;

3. Drilling accuracy can be guaranteed within ± 0.005mm;

4. The machine conversion or recycling rate is 100%

CNC four-head high-speed drilling machine is suitable for batch milling of circuit boards; secondary drilling; specific carving of functional fixtures or tooling fixtures; substrate division of finished electronic products.

            Name                        TIMAX Drilling Machine               
              QTY                               4 Stations
                               Drill holes
Proccessing parameter              range                   Minimum aperture 0.15mm         
            Output                             6000 holes/H
       Buying time                                    2013






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