Die Cutting and Sample Cutting Machine

2020-06-05 Jing Guan Ying FPC 40

Blade Proofing Machine, Die Cutting Proofing Machine, Flat Proofing Machine, Computer Proofing Machine, Backlight Proofing Machine, Reflector Cutting Machine, Backlight Proofing Machine, Double-sided Adhesive Proofing Machine. It can process insulation materials, photoelectric materials, shielding materials, viscose products in the electronics industry, die cutting, proofing, small batch production, insulation materials, photoelectric materials, shielding materials, viscose products, etc., and small batch production of knife-free molds. It can process 1.5mm thick insulating materials, photoelectric materials, shielding materials, viscose products, and 2mm thick paper materials. It can be cut in full, half-cut, dashed, dotted, and high-precision drawing of the die. working principle: The flat cutting machine needs to import the CAD drawing file, set the cutting drawing file through the AOKECUT software that comes with the die-cutting proofing machine, determine the position and sequence of cutting, half-wearing, and full-wearing, and then lay the processed material. Correct the processing position. Press the "Start Processing" button, the machine starts to work, automatically turn on the vacuum suction pump, and fix the material on the work surface. The machine starts processing in the order that was originally set. After processing, the vacuum suction pump automatically stops and removes the processing. Good product, work is over.

1. The edge of the material will not blacken or carbonize after cutting;   

2.It will not burn when cutting thin materials;   

3, can cut copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive cloth, Mylar, optical materials and other laser-hard materials;   

4.There is no dazzling light when working, and the worker's body will not be injured by radiation, which is quite safe;   

5.Machine price and operating cost are much cheaper than laser;   

6. It can be mass-produced in small batches and can easily handle all kinds of special shapes and corners; half-cut, through-cut, over-cut and other functions can be easily set in one time.


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